22. Munich Marathon/10 km, 14.10.2007
Author: Sherin Rashwan

Please note: Author Sherinibini is a student, for her exercise she wrote the report in English.
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My promised report from Munich

Firstly I have to ad that the only achiever from Team TOMJ was our Speedy, because there were some bad circumstances: Maddinsche has hurt his foot by playing soccer and me, I jumped off a window and hurt my foot, too (but that’s another story). Well, the real thing was I wasn’t fit enough.

Now to the facts:

It was the 22nd Marathon which took place in Munich on 14th October 2007 in the Olympiapark. With its 10.767 runners it was the attendance record since 1983.
The Marathon runners started at 10 o’ clock in the morning with the increasing weather conditions.
It was the first time in Munich that you could also do a relay race, where you divide the whole Marathon with your runners from your group.

The winner from the 42,195 km run was "The Munich Hero" Falk Cierpinski with 2:25:24 and the women’s best was Cornelia Firsching from Regensburg with 2:56:30.

Michael Haas, a friend of mine did his first Marathon and he reached the ambition within 4:04:06

Last but not least, our Speedy did his second Marathon in October after Berlin with a "Speedy-Schleli" time of 3:26:38.

So, and what did sherinibini do during the run?

All the time Siggi and I were moving around, trying to be in the right place at the right time to meet the runners and to take photos. At this point I have to admit that it isn’t an easy job, but luckily Siggi has perfectly organized a plan which told us where and when to go next.

  Speedy-Schleli and the lovely Sherinibini
on the Expo
  Munich Königsplatz, Propyläen


Hans "Speedy" Schlelein
Michael "Haasi" Haas

10 km
Mäx Drexler
Heiko Brückner


  Haasi did his first Marathon
Sherinibini on the runner’s path
When I found out that my photos were left a little to be desired, I decided to check out taking
photos by running myself. Moreover I could accompany Speedy and later on Michael Haas, alias
Haasi by his last 3 km. While I was still jogging, Siggi and Speedy waited at the finish.
Speedy – the racehorse accelerate the motion   As far as I’m concerned it was a great
experience to see the "World of running"
from another perspective