12.6.2016 Wexford Marathon  
Author: Andreas Greppmeir
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This is the English version of my report about the beautiful Wexford Marathon. It was translated by google and is probably not in perfect English, but I think it`s better than mine. I hope you enjoy the read and I will say thanks to all the guys, who I met and made this marathon possible and so fantastic. In front of course to Dee Boland, for a great organization and the best Guinness I ever had and also to Dinny Johnston, it was a pleasure to run with you a few miles, thanks to Zaldy Baralca for the picture at mile 4 and not at least to Margaret Sludds, you was my partner for the last miles. And please say a big hello to all the other guys I met and I don`t know their names …. So, now, here`s my report – in perfect google English:

Earlier this year it was clear that it this year finally back to Ireland goes on vacation. Since Silke vacation time always leaves me, it was at the end of course no wonder that of all the neighboring town held a marathon. So I was quickly registered for the Marathon Wexford.

Wexford is located in the southeast of Ireland and is easily accessible from Dublin well in two hours. The capital of the county of the same name has around 20,000 inhabitants and is situated near Rosslare, where we rented for ten days a nice house on the beach. Since my navigator apparently knows only the Gaelic names of places, it is also good to know that Wexford in Irish "Loch Garman" means. On road signs and signs is always both to read, so that this is not a big problem.

A Marathon has Wexford only since last year. Behind the organization Dee Boland stands along with the Wexford Marathon Club. Dee is even avid runner and has even secured a place in the Guinness Book of World Records last October. They went so far in twelve hours on the treadmill, as no other woman before her. But the 60.26 miles were again surpassed by Susie Chan from the UK and therefore deleted Dee`s entry. About eighty runners welcomed the objective Dee last year. It is a small marathon and you will be on the line often alone. Information on the website over the course are more than sparse. No route description, no height profile, actually only a few pictures of the premiere. Curious as I am, I ask to wait a minute for Dee. More than that, there is a long climb after 16 miles, they will not reveal. But they can guarantee me that I will love the route. And also promises Dee that she is ready with a fresh Guinness in the target on me. Now if that does not sound enticing.

Three days before the marathon we travel to and look ever the environment. Castles, ruins, churches. In Ireland, there is always plenty to see. On Saturday we've Wexford itself. In Clayton Whites Hotel in Wexford can also start numbers will be picked up and which can be but merge into one. So I'm learning Dee finally know personally. But over the hill at mile 16 I can not coax her always. Oh, that the launch will take place at the port, they are then award yet. So we agree to meet the next day at 10:00 am in the port. Approximately 140 participants, it will be this year and the weather promises only good. Pleasant temperatures and blue Irish skies.

So it is then, as I am a half hours before the start of the port. It is cool and the skies are just a few harmless clouds to discover. Even otherwise, is here at the port not much going on. Few citizens walk their dogs for a walk a couple of seniors stroll through a car exhibition from the previous day. But runner, a starting sheet or anything else that indicates a marathon I search in vain. At a street lamp, I discover a sign "Marathon Start". So I'm right here, probably only just a little too early. The Irish are a good deal more relaxed, as we know from home and so I represent me in the harbor just simply something feet.

About an hour before the start happening then something. Gradually spin runners and spectators, the starting sheet is inflated and the time mat is rolled out. All for no apparent stress, so it seems loszugehen time. Finally, it is also so far. Fences are built, two police motorcycles are available and my clock showing ten o'clock. Then it can therefore begin. But somehow it seems not to hurry. So still take a few minutes, until suddenly aufbrandet applause. Gerry Forde, who goes to the starting line as handbikers is sent on its way. He can be a few minutes ahead, so he escapes the bustle and with a quarter of an hour late, it is finally over. We runners are sent to our 26.2 miles long journey.


I sort only once at the end of the field. Since I have no idea about the course of the track, I prefer to leave it and more comfortable. On wooden planks we left after a few hundred meters of the harbor and walk through a residential area of town. The route leads straight gently uphill out of Wexford. I have now joined a small group and discover also the Pacer for 4:30 hours in the field. Whether I can keep up with him, I do not know, but currently, the pace feels good.

Our next goal will be Murntown. A small area of Wexford, we reached in just over five kilometers. Again and again it goes slightly uphill, then downhill again. We are now running on a typical Irish country road. The street is lined with bushes right and left and hardly allows a view of the landscape. The track is actually locked at all times to traffic, but this is at no time is a problem. If the route times confusing, the Irish remain patient and chug along just simply behind one, until a passing opportunity.

We have now reached Murntown and I close on Dinny Johnston on. He certainly did a private boarding station because of a trunk he gets a ham and cheese sandwich served. As a matter of course he asks me if I want to have a corner and of course I access. Together we trot now side by side, and to destroy together the sandwich. The next few kilometers we share and talk about everything under the sun. That on the highways we have no speed limits in Germany found Dinny incredible.

After Murntown we turn right and now Ireland is at its best. Through seemingly endless woodlands we meander further us and also need to take one or the other altitude again in purchasing. We cross the Forth Mountain, is the incredible 237 meters high. But when you consider that we are launched almost at sea level, that's an ordinary task that lies ahead. But we will be rewarded with breathtaking views. If permitted by the edge of vegetation, we have a kilometer-wide view of Wexford County. Although no sights along the course are in this run, it is never boring. The landscape is sight enough.

After all the Forth Mountain also down again and you can make it run for a while so beautiful. Dinny enteilt me here anyway and I am again completely alone. However, it has all the 2.5 kilometers an aid station where I steht`s verdrücke a few jelly beans and nachspüle with water or cola. The route is also signposted always perfect, so I'm having problems with the orientation at any time. The City Taghmon is our next goal, which is run through a few hundred meters. At the end gibt`s again gummy and water. The assistant at the aid station asks me if I've run here before, what I deny, of course. You are now dawned at mile 16 I that Dee had this point mentioned this before and the assistant said with a grin, that a good deal is now uphill.

We have now reached the southern side of the Forth Mountain and this there was now a second time to cross. It was at the end of two miles so more than three kilometers, it went steadily uphill. Again and again I thought I had reached the end, then came a curve again and it went again uphill. Pastures and meadows lined the way and we were again rewarded with a magnificent view. Located in the forest I finally had one of the few marshals out that I had now reached the highest point of the plug and it would now almost only go downhill. My Running Watch not even indicated 200 meters.

After a short turning circle in the forest it was now actually downhill. Now I closed on Margaret Sludds who apparently had to contend with their shoes. On the left shoe sole had come loose at the heel and bothered now sensitive when running. I offered her my help and tried to leave the loose part, which I did not succeed. A few minutes later saw the cake knife from another person for salvation. Shortly after we had Wexford also achieved again and the last few kilometers were through the city before us.

Since I had no idea where was the goal, I oriented myself with the rest of kilometers just to my watch and was on the last two kilometers again neatly gas. As agreed I could take 500 meters to the Bavarian flag and so satisfied enter the finish line. Apart Silke awaited me and Dee who handed me my finisher medal. Shortly thereafter, there was also the promised Guinness. Freshly tapped and cold, the best Guinness I've ever had. Dee received from me in return a Bavarian beer and we came together in a great marathon. After a few common souvenir photos I finally said goodbye to Dee and joined a reunion of course not.

Greppi und Dee